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(book for yourself or your team)

This session will help you:

  • Build a new habit from scratch and make it stick;

  • Organize your calendar and create more time in your day to do the things you love;

  • Create systems to make you feel in control of your time and your tasks;

  • Set an actionable plan that takes you closer to your goals;

  • Build a digital workspace with all of your files, important info, project management data, lists and so much more;

  • Improve routines and tailor your day to suit your energy levels;

  • Find the right time management techniques to focus better and produce some awesome work during the day.

If you feel overwhelmed by your calendar, a cluttered to-do list or simply have no idea how to start getting organized, this is the program for you.


With the personalised coaching program, we'll pick up all the bits and pieces and organize them into a cohesive system that will ensure you carve enough time in your day to do some awesome work. 

The coaching program is a two-way journey. It requires some work and dedication to unblock some of the mental barriers that make you procrastinate and avoid overhauling your organization system.

But we'll get there, I promise. 

Let's build sustainable systems that can help you achieve your goals

What to expect


Brainstorming and


The coaching program is based on a succession of 1-hour meetings. Each meeting will cover a specific part of your customised program (see below) and will require a bit of preparation from your part (and mine!). 

In these meetings you'll learn the necessary skills to unlock your potential. We'll go through a series of exercises together, fine-tune your organization system and overcome any obstacles preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Customised plan

For your eyes only

We all start in a different place. Some people have an incredible morning routine but need help with organising their files. Some people have an award-winning Notion workspace but they can't focus enough to actually do their work. 
We'll assess your specific goals and needs and create a tailor-made program available for your eyes only. Each journey is different and exciting!

Coaching Page

Everything in one place

When you sign up for a long-term coaching program you'll get access to an exclusive online platform featuring your progress, resources and much more. Throughout our journey together, I'll share reading materials, exercises, worksheets and interactive exercises. 

On demand

100% autonomy.

We can't fabricate the willingness to work on self-improvement, so you're the one in charge of scheduling the meetings. If you're going through a rough patch, we can take a couple of months off. If you're pumped to change, we can schedule 3 sessions per week. Ultimately, you decide!


Our wall of love

Our 1-star reviewers disappeared mysteriously. 

Afraid to commit?

Is Productivity Coaching right for you? Send our team an email at to start a conversation.

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