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Mariana Vieira

Productivity Coach & Content Creator

Instagram @marianasscorner

YouTube @MarianasCorner

A Bit About Me

Hi there! My name is Mariana. After many years talking and writing about productivity, in 2020 I decided the next big step would be helping people apply all of the methodologies they've been hearing about in my videos.

As a productivity coach, I can help you achieve your goals by establishing the adequate organization system and workflow for you. I'm passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and I know that with the right mindset and strategies, anything is possible.

I've been coaching for 3 years and I've helped people find the right systems to build their careers, finish their PhD thesis, organize their homes and manage multiple areas of interest and passion projects. 

While I coach, I continuously post and write online about productivity and lifestyle, so you can always find me both on YouTube and Instagram and join our internet community. 

My journey 






I became a mom in 2023, which completely transformed my outlook on productivity. I also started coaching new parents on building solid systems to keep pursuing their goals in amidst the challenges of parenthood and I got my certification in Project Management.

I launched my first online class in 2021. This allowed me to reach more people and break down productiivty-related topics in easy-to-digest sessions.

I started coaching informally. My first client was a PhD student and we still talk to this day! The business has developed over the years but I never expanded the team: I always wanted to keep my community small and close, like a close-knitted family. 

As I built my business, I decided to start my career in Law as well. Having a day-job while I was building a business opened my eyes to the difficulty of managing multiple jobs and the importance of time management and workflow methodologies. This shift in perspective is what allows me, to do this day, to help people who have regular jobs - because I also have one, too!

While in Law School, I started researching and studying about study techniques and productivity. My YouTube channel launched in March 2016 with a video on how to take Cornell Notes. I never stopped making videos since then.

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