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Don't be a Robot

Work like a

human instead!

You can reach your goals and still have great work-life balance. I'll teach you how.






Managing your time like a robot only works for robots.

(if you're actually a robot, then you're doing just fine)

There are hundreds of different methods that help you become more productive. But a lot of them can only be successfully applied to robots.


It's our job to find the most humanized techniques and teach you how to apply them in your life. 


My name is Mariana and I'll be your productivity coach.

I help people identify areas of their life where they can be more productive, and then work with them to create a plan to make those changes. I believe that everyone has the potential to be more productive, and my goal is to help you unlock that potential.


Productivity System Review

  • Assessment of your current productivity system, habits, and routines.

  • Identification of bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

  • Tailored advice to optimize your existing system.

(you'll get a fancy onboarding page with a detailed action plan)

(don't worry, you can still use 2054201 colours in Google Calendar)

Calendar Audit

  • Comprehensive review of your current calendar setup and scheduling habits.

  • Strategies to prevent over-scheduling and reduce conflicts.

  • Recommendations for optimizing calendar views, setting up time blocks, and automating reminders.

Ongoing support

  • Post-session access to resources and guides

  • WhatsApp + email support

  • Optional follow-up sessions to ensure sustained progress and address any challenges.

(endless support via WhatsApp - and I'll send you new  fun resources, too!)

App Recommendations

  • Get personalized app suggestions based on your unique needs and preferences.

  • Discover the latest and most effective digital tools for task management, time tracking, note-taking, and more.

  • Hands-on walkthroughs for app setups and integrations.

(there are more apps besides Notion and Google Calendar, did you know?)

If you’d like more information about productivity coaching, get in touch today


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